Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Looking back at my first year..

To my beloved readers,

This is officially my first blog of my summer break and I must say its going pretty well (thus far). As we 'speak' I'm writing this from the motherland (Zimbabwe, Africa) which is where I will be spending the majority of my holiday, yes we have internet, haha. I must say it's good to be back home, seeing familiar faces and getting to spend some time with those I cherish. As I look back on my First Year, I reckon I had quite a successful outcome. Entering the UK as a foreigner one would expect that the sudden change of culture and principles would do my head in but instead, it was the comlete opposite! I hit the ground running, so to speak, and within a few weeks of my education at the University of Greenwuch I was elected by my peers to be the Student Representative of the class and I had managed to score my first job within the University as a Senior Events Assistant. Quite a fair start I must say :) ! As the months rolled on and I got more stuck into the University I became a member of the 1st Team Basketball, got promoted to the Recruitment Ambassador position and managed to get my second job within the University as an Enquiry Unit Assistant, which is where I got involved in Student Blogging. My exam results were well above average, managing to attain the highest marks in my class for all three examinations.

 Looking back on those results I wonder how I did it lol. I mean, I had a blast during my first year and really managed to let loose and enjoy myself but when it was time to work, boy did I work! That goes to show that it is in fact possible to enjoy your first year and still get really good grades, I'm a living testimony! One major piece of advice, PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE PHRASE "FIRST YEAR DOESN'T COUNT"!! Fair enough most courses do not include first year marks in the final degree but think about it, doing well in your first year makes the second and third years so much easier because you would have managed to pick up some valuable momentum. This piece of advice also specially goes out to students wishing to take a placement year in their industry of choice, companies will definitely look at your first year performance!

On a closing note, I just want to say that my first year was unforgettable and the more you put into the University of Greenwich, the more you will get out. This is regardless of your age, gender, religion, ethnicity, physical appearance/ability or what football team you support lol. The University of Greenwich prides itself on it's diversity so I assure you, all are welcome. Stay safe, and enjoy the summer! :)