About Me

My name is Russell and I am an International student studying BA Hons Business Law first year. I'm originally from Zimbabwe and I lived there for 19 years, before coming to the UK in September 2012 for my Tertiary Education. This is to many people's surprise because apparently "I don't sound Zimbabwean" because I've got well above average linguistic skills. This gives me the chance to change people's perception of my country County by County proving that we aren't as 'primitive' as the media portrays us to be. 

I'm a fun loving individual open to people of all genders and ethnicity, proven by the fact that my best friends are from Bangladesh. I play Basketball and I'm an active follower of Football and all types of music, if it sounds nice, I'm listening to it! Out to leave a mark in the world and enjoy the ride whilst I'm at it. 

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