Monday, 7 April 2014


It’s been a pretty hectic year, I can’t deny that bit, but I’ve learnt a lot about myself and it’s been invaluable in shaping up my future. Sometime this month I took a second to look back on my life five years ago. I’d have never guessed I’d be where I am now, emotionally, physically, even academically, let alone being in England now. It’s a nice feeling to look back and know that you’ve made progress, I mean, if you could write a letter to yourself five years ago, what would it say? Have you surpassed your expectation s or have you settled for mediocrity?

This blog is going to be short, that will give you all a chance to look back I guess, and now having thought about 5 years back, what can you do today that will make you proud to look back on 5 years later?

Make the most of the time you have now to be able to look back and not hold any regrets. University will be fun, though it will also be challenging, foundations are built or destroyed there so don't find yourself looking back crying over spilt milk. Be open to new experiences, new friends, challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone and take every opportunity to do some good that you can. Opportunities here have knock on effects and speaking from experience, some decisions I made in first year will undoubtedly shape the rest of my life. I mean, if I can do it, a guy from a small African country called Zimbabwe, then, so can you right?

Live. Love. Laugh.

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