Thursday, 27 February 2014

Chronicles of a 2nd Year:

It’s about time I get back on a University focused blog post, it’s been a while haha. The second year has been a summit, LITERALLY! My first term (September to December) was packed with assignments and coursework, back to back and for at least 2 months straight I couldn’t get my head above the water. It’s true what they say, the difference between the 1st and 2nd year can be seen as quite a big leap, obviously depending on the programme you study. I guess I was a little lucky because I tried to stay on my feet the whole of 1st year, but even with all my preparation in some aspects I found myself lacking…

It more or less comes down to preparation, as well as being in the correct mind-set to take the year on by the horns, otherwise a lacklustre approach will poison any prospects in the 2nd year. University has now more or less ‘kicked in’ and it’s now literally sink or swim so it’s always advisable to try and get going as soon as possible. Not that I want to make you scared or anything, not at all, just letting you know something that not many people told me before my 2nd year began so you’ll probably be in a better position than I was! Lol.

BUT, my second term is a lot less intensive, I find myself having a lot more free time to study and get some work done so I finally get to breathe before my exams… *exhales contently* Now I can begin to focus on my upcoming placement as well and though the first half was busy, I must say I’ve enjoyed my 2nd year, made the best of all my opportunities which is something I’d also encourage you to do. Opportunities ALWAYS present themselves in this University; you just have to take them. Speaking from experience, one last minute decision to join a mentoring scheme that I knew nothing about has led to a yearlong placement at the illustrious IBM so that goes to show that if someone from a little country in the south of Africa can make it this far, so can you!

ALSO, remember how I play for the Uni Basketball team (for those that do), we're still unbeaten in two years and have a big cup game this Wednesday (26th Feb 2014) against a team a few leagues above us, cue the butterflies! #workhardplayhard

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Smiling Assassin

The green gleam of the moon shining off the surface of the murky swamp illuminated the entire forest,
Night time seemed to signify life as the orchestra of insects in plants chimed all in a perfect symphony,
Music to the ears of the alligator.
Some say his smile is fake, for it’s the one he passes just before he grants death,
But can he really be put to trial, for his natural instinct, for his murderous and sin filled breath?

The lone raft dances smoothly in the water,
In line with each passing wave, like a ballerina at the mercy of her dance partner,
The wave sways, so does she.
In the distance sings a dying motor, one that seems to be choking on its own fumes,
During the daytime it was silent, it seems like it uses the night time as it’s muse…
And then you have the lone wanderer, searching the open expansion as if in search of meaning,
He remembers a love once felt a kiss once tasted, all he sees in his mind is her smile, gleaming.
He slowly walks to the leaning tree looking out into the swamp where they had said they would meet,
But instead of him, the illustrious smiling assassin that day she did meet.

He was too late, couldn't have arrived at a worse time,
Instead of insects and the odd amphibian, her dying screams provided that nights chime.
He often returns to the spot, the location her life was ended.
Breathe in, breathe out, here’s to another day of pretending.
Pretending he doesn't still hear her voice asking him why he let it be,
Why this has become her resting place and her home, the swamp, and peering trees dressed in murky green…

Russell Gwata (2014).