Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Smiling Assassin

The green gleam of the moon shining off the surface of the murky swamp illuminated the entire forest,
Night time seemed to signify life as the orchestra of insects in plants chimed all in a perfect symphony,
Music to the ears of the alligator.
Some say his smile is fake, for it’s the one he passes just before he grants death,
But can he really be put to trial, for his natural instinct, for his murderous and sin filled breath?

The lone raft dances smoothly in the water,
In line with each passing wave, like a ballerina at the mercy of her dance partner,
The wave sways, so does she.
In the distance sings a dying motor, one that seems to be choking on its own fumes,
During the daytime it was silent, it seems like it uses the night time as it’s muse…
And then you have the lone wanderer, searching the open expansion as if in search of meaning,
He remembers a love once felt a kiss once tasted, all he sees in his mind is her smile, gleaming.
He slowly walks to the leaning tree looking out into the swamp where they had said they would meet,
But instead of him, the illustrious smiling assassin that day she did meet.

He was too late, couldn't have arrived at a worse time,
Instead of insects and the odd amphibian, her dying screams provided that nights chime.
He often returns to the spot, the location her life was ended.
Breathe in, breathe out, here’s to another day of pretending.
Pretending he doesn't still hear her voice asking him why he let it be,
Why this has become her resting place and her home, the swamp, and peering trees dressed in murky green…

Russell Gwata (2014).

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  1. This is really nice, keep up the hard work :)