Friday, 29 November 2013

Discovering Yourself

During your time at university, chances are you may have an identity crisis. This is where I believe you'll truly discover who you are as a person so I wrote a poem that relates well to this:

Who are you
Looking in the mirror, unsure of what you see, 
Created by rumors, and what people believe. 
In a hope to be accepted, we foolishly accept
A life chosen by others, forever to live in regret.
Individuality is seen as foreign, probably as much as the person who holds the title. 
The strong willed are cast out and judged to be loners
So they plug their headphones in, and Into the music they zone out.
Friends dictate your thoughts and the emotions held by your heart,
But still we follow the crowd, in fear of being cast out 
You slowly become what you thought you would never be,
But is that not what they love? Is that not what they want to see? 
Lessons taught by elders wither away with all morals,
We wear the mask forged by peer pressure
And instead of leading we follow. 
So as you breathe your last, and you ask yourself who you are, 
Were you living as you? Were you unique and free?
Or were you living the life that people wanted to see?

Russell Gwata (2013)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Poem: Mr Right

He came into your life when it had lost its cause,
When the shackles of guilt dragged you down to the floor.
When your reputation was laid to rest,
Along with the memory, of any good you had ever met.
At night you were haunted by the evil you had done
What the world saw as evil, you saw as fun.
You shut the world out, you built up walls
Little did you know, they would be your demise and fall.
Many have come before him, and a few may come after,
But none will bring such joy, and share such laughter.
He reminded you how to feel and how to let the pain seep
Out of your troubled mind, and bury it in the deep.
Day one was a step. Day two was a leap,
Day 3 was four more. And day four was a week.
Slowly you grew, and drew the mask away from your face
To finally show your beauty to finally share your grace.
He did what many thought impossible,
He pursued and he achieved
To finally make you confident,
And see yourself as unique.
But his kindness was taken for granted,
His love was taken as weakness,
Soon would arise,
The evil he thought he had defeated.
Now he was just another guy,
No different than those that came before
It's time he packs his bags and leaves
It's time he blesses another soul.
Many told him how it would end, the ending of their show

But that’s what he gets for playing Mr Right,
It’s my time to go.

Russell Gwata (2013)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Poem: Alone But Not Lonely

Got a tad bit of inspiration so I wrote this poem over the last 20 minutes, no real reason, just wrote it. Please let me know what you think or any comments you might have.. Thanks :)

Alone But Not Lonely

The person who smiles at you in the mirror,
Is the only person who's smile will forever be sincere .
The person that tells you that you can do it,
When nobody else is there.
So often we put our trust in people
That only have their own reflection in mind
As long as they are taken account for, everything else 'will follow in time'.

Kindness has a price, a cost so evident yet we fail to see
Like a dream lost from mind, a dream we fail to retrieve.
After your parents have done their job, who puts the clothes on your back?
Who wipes your tears at night? Who talks you to sleep?
Who's company do you find you will forever keep?
The person that's been there the whole time,
And will be there even in your grave.
The person that so often keeps you in line,
Yes, the person that shares your face.

See at the end of the day we're individuals,
Victims of our own whims
You're the only person you can connect with on a mental, emotional, and spiritual tip.
Do you ever find yourself being happy, when there's no one else around?
When that little voice in your head is all you need for a calming sound.

It's the voice that drives you forward, when spectators melt into the background
It's the person that chuckles at your humour, when everyone else seems to frown.
See another person can make you happy, but not even they will be around for eternity
Some day they too will depart, whether in life, in the after life, or possibly to purgatory.
So just take a second to look in the mirror, smile at what you see
Because though you, we, may be alone, we'll never be lonely.
I could be speaking for myself, when I say that I can be alone and content,
When no urge tugging at you, to find another individual to protect.
I think I've finally found peace, and I'm aware that it's probably showing.
That I may be alone alone, but definitely not lonely...

Russell Gwata (2013).