Monday, 31 March 2014

Life’s short:

I know, from the title you’re probably assuming that this is going to be a gloomy post about death and all that nostalgic malarkey, but this time around I’ll try to add a positive twist.. Key word there being ‘try’. If you’re still applying to Uni, chances are some of you are still a bit confused as to whether you’ve chosen the right course. Don’t panic, this is normal, I’m nearly finished my 2nd Year and even I’m still confused!

Granted you have the freedom (I didn’t really have it), I believe that you should choose something that you truly enjoy and (borderline) might even do for free. I mean, if every job paid the exact same amount of money what would you see yourself doing? At the end of the day it is a bit sad because money inevitably is power, as much as we hate to admit it, which sways careers. For example I’m studying Business Law but (as you may have noticed) my true passion lies in poetry. I reckon, of you can’t pursue your passion; try do it in your free time, like I do. So if mom and dad want you to be an accountant, and you literally have no choice but to do that, if photography is a passion of yours never let it die and make some free time aside for that.

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re middle aged and evaluate your life and ask yourself “Is this what my life has really come up to?” If you can, chase your passion, because when the salaries and job perks are all gone, you’ll still have it, and wouldn’t you want to go having lived a happy and fulfilled life?

In my opinion, rather be poor or just adequate, and genuinely content, than filthy rich and miserable. I don’t know, we’re all different, but that’s what Russell Thinks.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Unspoken Love

Two hearts seem to have reached a place that not many get to explore,
The temptations they escaped, whispers they silenced and through the improbable they tore.
Accrediting their union to destiny would be a mere understatement,
As their paths always seemed to meet again, as if they silently waited.
The past became the present and suddenly gave promise of a future,
He cherished her, he adored her, looked up to her, he knew her.

He found weaknesses where she posed strength,
Not many were so lucky.
To see beyond her bold speech, confident smile and deep peering eyes, selectively trusting.
At first she kept her guard, but soon it would fall
When she realised he meant no harm, and slowly her heart began to warm.
One would assume they would constantly express,
The love they seem to be unable to digress,
The connection, their similarities and choices they wouldn’t regret.
Over music they bonded, it always said what they couldn’t
So conversations were sometimes substituted by playlists,
The notes struck the perfect silver lining, pristine and stainless.

How is it possible for two souls to find complete cooperation with no words exchanged?
Even when words, glances and voices are taken away the emotion remains the same.
Like the bond shared between twins, as two beings separated at birth
Such is their unspoken link, that seems to be able to bind heaven and earth..
Because when he needs uplifting she is his heaven, when he needs to be grounded she becomes his earth.
No mineral, stock, or goldsmith could ever dictate her worth.
The distance between them seems to bear not a meaning at all,
For all he cares he could be starving, broken, defeated and poor.
During the day they frolic, and at night they pray
Send their prayers up to the heavens for the Creator to pave their way.
Boundaries need not be discussed, as somehow they thrive on their unspoken trust
Their muted unison, their unspoken love.

Alas the ‘Wordsmith’ seems to be at a loss for words,
The poet can’t think of a rhyme,
He could ramble on for days, even months,
But will never be able to capture the essence of what they share in a matter of rhyming lines..

Some things go without saying, some doors don’t always need to be opened,
I guess that’s what’s made it strong and golden, their love… Unspoken.