Monday, 28 April 2014

From the frying pan to the fire:

So I've just finished a two week internship that I had the honour of being selected for at Bell-Pottinger. Just a short background on the company, it is the UK's leading PR and Consulting company, working with large multinationals to improve not only their brand image, but public perception as well. Now, coming from studying Business Law, this is a major leap, but the opportunity presented itself (as many have during my time at this university) and I had to take it up. 

The title says it all really, I literally went straight from the frying pan to the fire. On my very first day I was tasked with completing media profiles and short memo's for senior staff members, a fair enough start one would assume. As the days went on, the tasks kept rolling in both in quantity and complexity, and I soon found myself swamped with duties, a real 'worker'. Now, this situation can be taken one of two ways, either I'd sulk about it and say I was incapable, or knuckle down and do what was expected of me, even more than what they expected in fact. I received great feedback on all my tasks, which were a bit reminiscent of University assignments instead in this case, it wasn't a case study I was analysing, it was a real current situation! I found this helped me when I came back to uni, experiencing some things first hand gives you a greater appreciation for them and a broader view on how different questions can be answered.

I left with more experience, world class links and a great name on my CV, all achieved from two weeks of commitment. I can only imagine what I'd have achieved in a month, or two, or six! My point is use your time here wisely, you can either enter university and leave with a degree, or enter and leave with links, work experience, a great social circle, and real future prospects. University is more than just a chance to get a degree, it's the real opportunity to build your future brick by brick, the ball is on your court!

Be great...


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